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The Benefits of Baobab Oil

You may never have heard of baobab oil, but get ready to hear about it often, because it’s about to become the next big thing in skin and hair care. It contains all three omega fatty acids, some rare fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, D, E, and K, making it the best contender against the undisputed champion of moisturizers, shea butter.

Baobab oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds from the baobab tree, otherwise known as ‘the Tree of Life’, a tree that is capable of living for over a thousand years. The tree’s fruit is very nutrient-dense and the thick trunks store gallons of water that animals chew on for hydration. Baobab powder, made from its fruit, contains more antioxidants than any other fruit on this planet and this is the fruit the produces baobab oil.

9 Benefits of Baobab Oil

1.     It Nourishes and Repairs Damaged Skin

Baobab oil is best known for its regenerating properties. It nourishes skin and hair follicles and heals damaged skin due to its nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to permanently reduce and remove stretch marks and leaves you with incredibly soft and smooth skin. It combats signs of aging, from crows’ feet to sun damage.

2.     It Effectively Treats Dry, Itchy Skin

Because baobab oil is such a strong moisturizer, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an ideal natural way of fighting dry, itchy skin conditions. Apply it after you wash and don’t forget to reapply during the day during cold or arid weather. Keep your baobab with you so you can apply it whenever the condition flairs up.

3.     It’s Easily Absorbed

Unlike some other butters and oils, it absorbs easily into the skin without leaving that greasy, uncomfortable residue, or clogging your pores.

4.     It’s Great for All Skin Types

It won’t upset the balance of your skin and will moisturize dry skin and leave oily skin clear, because of its natural cleansing properties.

5.     Reduces and Eliminates Under-Eye Circles

Baobab oil is a great weapon against dark and sunken under-eye bags. Pat it gently around the eye before you apply makeup and apply a little more before bed for a longer-lasting treatment.

6.     Boosts Collagen Production

Baobab oil is packed with vitamins, and vitamin C is especially good at stimulating collagen production which is one of the best ways to combat signs of aging.

7.     It Doubles as a Chapstick

Use baobab oil on your lips to soothe chapped lips and give them a natural shine.

8.     Your Hair Loves It

Baobab oil isn’t just loved by skin – hair loves it too. Baobab oil effectively revives dull and dry hair, simply warm it in your hands and apply from root to tip and wash off as you would normally in the shower after 5-10 minutes. If you don’t have time for the deep treatment just add a drop or two when you normally condition your hair.

9.     A Natural Painkiller for Gums

Baobab oil is great on swollen and inflamed gums. Just gently rub some oil onto the effective area for a quick, natural treatment.

Baobab Oil is only available from a very few parts of the world, Ghana happens to be home to more Baobab trees than anywhere in the world, thus we’re able to provide a premium, undiluted version of pure Baobab oil for your application. See what it will do for you, click here to get your own bottle of Baobab oil.

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