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Black Soap: 7 Reasons Why Ours Is So Dope!

A couple customers jokingly asked: “Do you put juju in your body wash?” Each time I’m taken aback, because such an insinuation is hardly ever just a joke, but then damn! That’s probably the best compliment we’ve ever received. So they think its so good that we must’ve done like the Marlboro company and added a hook. But nah, no juju and no tricks, we’re just the best soap makers in the business! Here are our secrets for creating a black soap that sells better than cheaper, more popular brands:

100% Natural Black Soap

Unfortunately this is not the case for all black soaps on the market. Nowadays big industry has standardized the formula for soap and the cottage industries are following suit unnecessarily. Note, black soap was made naturally long before the advent of ‘woke’ consumers. However, it evolved without much commitment to remaining organic, rather its purveyors followed the trends of the market, cutting costs when possible. At Earth Seed we know the importance of chemical-free products on our skin, thus we’re committed to using only plant-based ingredients in our body wash.

Body Wash Is Better Than Solid Black Soap

Our biggest contribution to this black soap space was to to introduce the body wash version of black soap. As you know, it was first a caked blob that spilled down the side of your walls or a hard jelly-type concoction that went in a jar and required you and everyone else in your house re-dipped your fingers into that jar to get more. Not the most hygenic way to use soap. Earth Seed (then called Salifu’s) formulated a liquid version of black soap that could be applied easily onto your sponge or lofa, making it more versatile and less messy.

The Versatile Body Wash

The original formula was created by our ancestors, who were practical above all else. The ingredients used were chosen for their numerous benefits to the skin and their potency across the board. Not only is black soap ideal as a body wash, but it is also a perfect facial cleanser and shampoo. Applied to your face it removes make-up and unclogs your facial pores, preventing build-up that causes acne and other skin related disorders. As a hair wash it breaks up and removes all product build-up, allowing your roots to breath and your hair to grow. It also works great on pets and for other household chores.

The Lather King of Soaps

We don’t often think of it, but we’re all measuring the lather that our soap delivers to determine the strength of the soap. That being the measure, Earth Seed’s body wash once again reigns supreme! And I will tell you why: we use coconut oil as the only fat we add to the formula, because coconut oil delivers the most lather. Our secret is out, but it’s safe, our rivals don’t want the added cost to production.

Medicated Black Soap

Black soap has achieved the status of a medicated soap without any seal of approval from the scientific fraternity. Like I said earlier, the original Creators of black soap thought of everything! They took into consideration the numerous benefits of each ingredient for your skin. Eczema, acne, psoriasis, and the rest are not new phenoms, they plagued our ancestors just as the disturb us today. For that reason the soap was formulated to treat these issues with daily use. The logic stems from the same logic that says your food should be your medicine.

Ghana’s Own Black Soap

Need I say, Ghana makes the best black soap products in the world! That’s no small feat, considering we got the formula from our big cousins in Nigeria, and have run away with the title ever since. Dudu Osun is still a way bigger brand than anything that has come out of Ghana, but they have nothing on our quality or selection. Shea Moisture has dominated the world market with their version of black soap, and although the soap is still black, the company isn’t. That wouldn’t matter much if the integrity of the products were maintained, but we’ve noticed they went the way of the mainstream. Earth Seed, on the other hand, are hardly a candle in the sun of either of those companies, but yet we set the bar.

Body Wash 4 All Skin Types

Black soap is stronger than other soaps on the market and for that reason people tend to think it might be too strong for their babies. This is false, black soap is perfectly safe and effective for your ENTIRE family. That said:

  1. Don’t get our body wash in your eyes. It does burn more intensely than other soaps, but washes out just as easy.
  2. A small percentage of people have a reaction to the ingredients (most likely the potash) in black soap. This reaction usually occurs when applied to the face. Apply small amounts to your face at first.

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