Why I Became A Tour Guide

Those of us who repatriated know how difficult it is and can’t help but resent the inconsiderate way in which our kith & kin are being primed for failure. Most of us try, in some way to support our brothers and sisters on their return. I decided to catch them before they make the leap, affording them what we all need most at that junction: To be recognized and treated as returnees and not just a tourist buck and to be told the truth and not just what someone thinks you want to hear.

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The benefits of Castor Oil

Castor Oil has numerous benefits, but we’re going to focus on the 4 benefits for which it is most popular, namely as a Laxative/De-wormer, a wound repairer, a skin moisturizer, and for hair treatment.

Please note, there’s a difference between the golden castor oil and the black (Jamaican) castor oil. We will touch on the differences in this article.

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Natural Hair Care

Did you know that with the advent of perms we, black people, largely abandoned our natural hair care routines in exchange for chemical fixes that altered the wooly texture of our hair? In my case I started in my early teens when I snuck and got a Jheri curl. Essentially a perm that made my hair extra greasy, but hella curly. Fortunately for me, my father wasn’t having any of it and in just a few days he knocked the conk out of my head and put some sense into it.

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