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Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin and Hair

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is an extract from the nuts of the Shea tree native to a few parts of Africa, Ghana being the place where you will find the best grade in all of Africa. The butter is basically a fatty oil that solidifies at room temperature. The Shea tree bears nuts which are crushed and boiled to be able to extract the light-colored fat. This fat is what you know as Shea butter.

The main components of Shea Butter are oleic acid, stearic acid, and linoleic acid, along with significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E. These fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins promote healthy skin by locking in moisture and helping to protect against environmental stressors that may prematurely age skin cells.


Shea Butter is an excellent moisturizer for the body and face. Its ingredients are responsible for locking in moisture in  and keeping your skin hydrated. It maintains a soft supple face without clogging the pores. You can also use this butter to cure cracked heel, rough patches, dry cuticles, and/or dry skin anywhere on the body.  It is especially effective when used to combat the effects of harsh weather, be it freezing or arid and hot.

Prevents Stretch Marks:

Shea butter prevents stretch marks that  come from weight loss or weight gain during pregnancy. Vitamin E,  inherent in Shea Butter, gives elasticity to your skin, increasing the production of collagen and enabling your skin to expand and retract without the dreaded stretch marks. Simply apply daily from the onset of pregnancy.  In the same manner, Shea Butter prevents your facial skin from sagging as it ages.

Hair Application:

Shea Butter has excellent properties for the scalp and hair as well.  But because of  its density, we prefer to match it with other oils, giving it a lighter texture that doesn’t result in product build-up. Correctly formulated, Shea Butter serves as an excellent base for our Hair Butter.

Note: Although Shea Butter is equally effective on all skin types, as a hair supplement it is most effective on coily, kinky African hair.

In Short:

Shea Butter is unparalleled by any of nature’s magnificent oils.  It’s unique composition makes it useful for many personal care applications and it’s a favorite for natural skin practitioners world-wide. If you are new to Shea Butter you will be pleasantly surprised.


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  1. Mia Evans says:

    I never took into account the fact that shea butter would prevent the marks that would come from losing or gaining weight when a woman is pregnant. I should look for a natural body butter that has that kind of ingredient and apply it to my belly and thighs. It will be a good investment for myself to preserve the elasticity of my skin and keep me looking great even after giving birth in a couple of months from now.

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