Natural Sisters in Ghana

Who’s A Natural Sister?

To anyone who hasn’t visited Ghana before you might expect kinky to be the norm, right? Wrong.  From as far back as when the first missionary set foot in Africa we’ve been inundated with images that promote the most un-Godly, un-African standards, causing our sisters to bleach their skin and perm their hair, trying desperately to be what they are not.  But lately more and more beautiful, brown sisters are surfacing with their crowns of glory: afro puffs, buns, twists and locs.  You’re bound to see at least one natural sister parading up the street, head to the sky, as regal as ever.  It’s finally trending to be African!

Culturally Aware

There are several tell-tale characteristics that natural sisters share, but the one I appreciate the most is that they insist on being called by their African name.  In Ghana most people go by their Christian (European) name, but sisters with love-of-self derive power from the original name.


A crown deserves a gown.  Instead of the second-hand clothes sold to Africans by the Salvation Army and patronized by almost everyone else, natural sisters prefer custom-made.  One-of-a-kind designs that can wear to the ball or the mall.  There’s nothing more breathtaking than the sight of an African sister strutting up a dusty road, in a one-of-a-kind, as graceful as if she were working a runway somewhere in the south of France.

Hair Angst

Going natural sometimes means cutting off the perm and starting afresh. A sister at this stage is usually eager to grow back a full head of healthy hair.  A fresh cut can make a woman feel naked, exposed and sometimes less of a woman.  The most common request we get is for products that will make the hair grow super-fast.  I tell one as I tell them all, hair butter will nourish your strands from the roots to the tips, restoring and repairing, while the hair oil will tickle every follicle, moisturizing the scalp and stimulating growth, but your genes will have to do the rest.  The anxiety subsides once her hair is restored and she begins to blossom like a flower.

Health Conscious

A natural sister is as quick to read a book as she is to read a label. She is proactive and intentional, preferring prevention over cure, letting her food be her medicine.  In pursuit of optimal health, she finds her sport of choice and incorporates it into her life, carving her body into the best version of herself and feeling better than she ever did, whilst attracting all she envisions she is worthy of.


Society trembles at the sight of kinky hair because they know beneath it is a free mind and that spells trouble for the establishment. Freethinkers question everything. Pastors and professors get disputed and uprooted in pursuit of truth.  The truth breeds an outlier, more concerned with knowledge-of-self than temporary wealth.  The hairstyle gives birth to a lifestyle that will spawn a new breed of Africans.

If you love the site and company of beautiful, natural sisters, Ghana is the place to be!

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