A Match Made in Ghana

In 2007 I was relatively new to the business, but I had a feeling I found the source of my future wealth, so I redoubled my efforts and honed in on my craft. The brand was then called Salifu’s and I was a one-man-show, lacking in the refinements that convert into a household name. That’s when I met Egyinma. She took a real interest in my person and my business, dedicating her time and energy to helping me achieve excellence. First she broke down each product and found ways to improve them, then she took over production completely and has since quadrupled our product line. As does a woman, she took my seeds and brought forth fruit.

In 2015 we formed a partnership and re-branded. Earth Seed was born. We have since scaled up production and expanded our scope to include traditional markets like the North America and the Europe, and non-traditional markets like East Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our job is to lay the foundation for our children’s children to build upon. To prepare them for their roles we home-school, teaching them the core disciplines, while placing emphasis on the importance of acquiring financial security through harnessing your God-given talents and resources.

When we’re not putting in work we’re indulging in all Ghana has to offer . Between the beaches and the water-falls we keep fit and stay lit!

In the words of Biggie: “It was once a dream,….”

Ras AriEl Yahzid, M.D.

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