Deep Cleansing face & Body Wash

A natural, anti-bacterial soap that gently removes dead skin cells from the body during each shower, giving life to a new you with every cleanse. Despite its strength, it's gentle enough to use as a facial wash.

Fades Blemishes for Even Skin Tone

Retards the hyperpigmentation that comes from scarred tissue and unveils skin that is consistent in tone with your original complexion.

Treats Acne & Eczema

Contains coconut oil which balances the skin’s pH, cools the inflammation, soothes the irritation, moisturizes, and heals the skin.

Reduces Oily Skin

Unclogs the pores and releases trapped debris, bacteria, and acne. Reduces sebum levels and balances skin pH, which eliminates oily skin.

Alleviates Dandruff & Product Residue

Removes the build-up that stems from the daily application of hair products. It also gets rid of dandruff so your scalp can breathe and your hair can grow.

Six exclusive Essential Oils To Choose From!



Two years ago I hopped on the tea tree black soap mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. After sometime I switched to lemongrass, only to realize the smell was heaven! Using the black soap as a face wash leaves my skin smooth and clear. I love it!



My grandmother always made “nagodi” for us to bath. My body prefers it to any other soap. A good shower is medicinal to me. If I don’t feel healthier after one, I’ll take it again. Earth Seed has been a part of my medicine, actually more of a food for my skin. It’s earthy, natural and refreshing. The fact that it’s “Nagodi” adds sentimental value and love for it even more.



I love the lemongrass black soap. I use it head to toe, it leaves my locs feeling soft and also the soap deodorizes. Smells fresh and clean!



Our entire family (ages 1-40+) have been using Earth Seed liquid black soap for several years and we absolutely love it. It’s gentile enough for the kids and yet powerful enough to get even the most dirtiest of Dad’s clean. We don’t use any other soap besides Earth Seed and we have no intention of changing anytime soon. We highly recommend this product. The customer service is top notch and extremely responsive!



This soap is awesome. I have tried other soaps but none can be compared to this. Infact you always smell fresh after using it. I love the size but I wish they can make it bigger…

Kwame Debrah


I have been using Earth Seed liquid black soaps for several years now and I can’t say enough good things about them. I clean my face daily, use for my body in the shower and once in a while use to wash my hair. It cleans and soothes my skin with no irritation and I like the way my scalp feels and the way my hair looks after using it. I have used the spearmint, lavender, tea tree and lemongrass scents and I truly love all of them. Literally the only soap I use since I first found it.



This is an awesome soap. I have tried other Tea Tree soaps but none that lathers and clean as this soap. I love the size and quantity of the bottle. I will order more in the future.

Michelle Raines

Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to what you may have read, it will not lighten your skin, rather it stops the darkening process caused by hyperpigmentation (dark spots known also as age spots), allowing your skin to retain an even tone, consistent with your original complexion.

It is especially good for sensitive skin. Our Liquid Black Soap is strong, yet mild, providing the much-needed balance for your skin. 

Absolutely!  We made our soap with our own children in mind and have used it on them since day 1. Not only is it good for your children, but it helps combat skin disorders that come with infancy.

Yes. Our soap has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the irritation caused by eczema & acne, reducing the symptoms associated to a minimum. Note: Eczema is a genetic condition. Our black soap will not cure it, but it will reduce it significantly.

Yes!  Our soap gets rid of product build-up and dandruff, allowing your scalp to breathe. It also reaches in and cleanses each strand of hair in the process.

Absolutely! If you’re not feeling this great product, for whatever reason, you’re entitled to a refund.

Absolutely! Ghana residents can pay with mobile money.

We ship anywhere DHL goes and it gets most places in 2-5 business days.

1 business day in Ghana
2-4 business days to North America & Europe
3-6 business days to parts of Africa, Middle East & Asia