Benefits of African Black Soap

African Black Soap is Real Soap.

First of all, there is soap and there is synthetic soap (fake soap). Soap by definition is a combination of caustic potash and vegetable oils (or animal fat, which we do not use).  Take a good look at your other soap labels and you are not likely to find either ingredient. In fact, soap in it’s original form is mostly a thing of the past.  What passes for soap nowadays is actually synthetic soap made from petroleum-based by-products and chemical compounds, like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).  There is a remarkable difference in the efficacy of the two and the first thing you will notice is that our Black Soap cleans so much better that you can actually see the dirt residue washing down the drain.

African Black Soap Is A Mild Exfoliate

The sheer might of caustic potash combined with the right vegetable oil lends to the strength of the soap. Not only does it remove dirt and oily build-up, but it effectively removes dead skin cells, unveiling a new you after every bath.

African Black Soap is Ph-Balanced

Notwithstanding the acidic nature of caustic potash, our formula is evenly balanced by the alkaline components of coconut oil, yielding a Ph value of 9-10, perfectly safe for all skin types, including infants.

African Black Soap Fights Eczema and Acne

Again, thanks to the strength of its ingredients, our Black Soap has proven very effective in reducing the symptoms caused by eczema and acne.  Note, it does not cure either condition, but it makes your skin inhospitable to most skin related diseases.  For severe cases, smear the liquid soap on the affected area of the skin while the skin is still dry, leave on for 3 minutes and then wash off.  Do this for a week and you will see a noticeable difference.

African Black Soap is 100% Natural

As consumers in this modern day our bodies have been inundated by chemicals added to our products by corporations focused solely on the bottom line.  We’re a family business and we’re more concerned with the long term effects of our products than the amount of zeros in our account, so we stay away from the chemical thickeners and synthetic fragrances. Instead we came up with a natural method for achieving our desired viscosity with sea salt and we import essential oils from 3 different continents so our baths smell like the paradise of our choosing.  Is it a bit more work? Yes. Does it cost more to make? Yes. But we’re worth it and so are you!

African Black Soap Shampoos

Yes, our soap doubles as the best shampoo. Nothing will clean your hair and scalp better than our black soap.  It breaks up the oily residue that causes dandruff and it lathers so intensely you will have to call the fire department to get out all the suds.

African Black Soap is Made in Africa

Black Soap originated in West Africa. It has since been duplicated, but the copies are a far cry from the original formula, which we implement to perfection. If you insist on the best liquid black soap, look no further.

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